Simple team management for coaches.
Better communication for everyone.

teamloop helps keep teams in sync — store details about practices and games, monitor player availability, and manage finances all in one place.

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teamloop dashboard

Share Schedules

Don't make the team search through emails and attachments to find practice and game times. All of the team's events are entered in one place so everyone will be able to easily view, share, and integrate with personal calendars.


Player Availability

Easily solve one of your biggest headaches—knowing how many players will be available. Just create a "tentative" event on the schedule and poll the team to see how many can make it. At a glance see when you'll need subs or who can make a last-minute makeup practice.


Manage Payments

Coming Soon!

It's simple to manage your team's finances. Split an amount across the entire team or just bill a subset and then mark those who have paid. We'll be the bad guy and send payment reminders to those who haven't.


Mobile Access

Coming Soon!

When you aren't at your computer you can still access the features you need through your mobile device. The mobile version allows any web-based browser to access the application—not just iPhones.